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Cool new (beta) feature on Technorati. I have added a profile for universimmedia, with a few tags such as this one or that one. Ideas for more relevant tags are welcome.


  1. Many ontologists could talk for hours about the subtle logical relationship between ontology and ontologies. Perhaps you have a preference for the latter. But Technorati software sees "Ontology" and "Ontologies" as two independent tags.

    Intrigued by the semantic effect of the singular/plural, I also tried semantic/semantics, tag/tags/tagging and ethic/ethics/ethical.

    There must be a PhD in there somewhere. Bit of logical analysis, some empirical patterns of observed tagging behaviour, finished off with some fancy technological solution.

  2. Richard

    Two answers:
    First, indeed I try to make a difference between "Ontologies" and "Ontology", considering the former as engineering artifacts and social agreements to quote Tom Gruber, and the latter as a part of Philosophy. The plural is not ambiguous, the singular can be.

    As for Technorati tags, they get eventually their meaning, if any, bottom-up, by aggregation of the resources which are tagged. No way in this space to tell that "Ontologies" is the plural form of "Ontology".

  3. Bernard

    I appreciate the subtle difference between ontology and ontologies, but Technorati currently doesn't even recognize these tags are connected. (It may in some possible future world - especially if people like you habitually use both tags.) So if you want to disseminate your ideas via Technorati, you may achieve your objectives more effectively if you are willing to work with Technorati's shallow vocabulary rather than your own deeper vocabulary.

    After all, you do include a link to Wikipedia:Ontology

    I hope you don't mind my labouring this point, but I think it has some broader implications that are relevant to the subject of your blog.

    Technorati Tags: ontologies ontology tags tagging Technorati


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