Leçons de Choses

My blog activity lately has been dedicated to launch the new Mondeca Blog - yes it's in French. Sorry about that.


Geonames enters the Semantic Web

I'm quite happy of this. The collaboration with Marc at geonames started as a simple deal : provide the ontology, said he, and I'll provide the Web Service. So did I, and so did he. This is a fantastic Web 2.0 place to play in. It already had Web Services and wiki using Google Maps, and now he has the SW interface ...


Back to Earth

I've been quite silent here lately. Put more focus on actually working stuff than theoretical musing, and singularly on various geo-unameit technologies such as geocoding, geotagging, geo microformat, and the collaborative databases using them like geonames, wikimapia ...
Places are the most fascinating use cases when it comes to identification and description, and all those technologies and their ability to interface with each other tend to prove that information about some place can be aggregated without any consensus or explicit declaration of what this place (or a place, in general) actually is, but by providing hubs between data, and interfaces putting together data somehow relevant to this place (such as Google Earth, Google Maps API and the like). Geonames web services provide a good example of this.