FRBR in LOV : A Vocabulary is a Work

Along with the migration of LOV to OKFN, as announced in the previous post and now on the OKFN blog, we introduced the version history of vocabularies. The first obvious aspect is a cool visualization, see for example the Geonames Ontology History complete with timeline and links to downloadable versions when available. What's under the hood? It's FRBR all the way down.

LOV moves to OKFN

The LOV story enters a new area today. Pierre-Yves and myself are pleased to announce that the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV) project is now hosted at OKFN. Many thanks to the Open Knowledge Foundation team which provides the technical support which will help to ensure a sustainable future for this project and the Vocabulary Commons at large.
Pierre-Yves has done a tremendous technical work, not only to ensure a smooth migration from former Mondeca Labs hosting, but also to add a new vocabulary versions and history feature. See for example Dublin Core or SKOS. Versions are displayed on a timeline and the version files and change notes are available as long as we could put our hands on them. Thanks also to all creators and publishers who helped us to sort out the history of their vocabularies. This is far from done for all vocabularies, but we hope the examples already there will push other publishers to make this history available.