Coreference using substitution rules

Note : This is mostly copied/adapted from a message I posted last week in yet another conversation about the identity issue on W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group internal mailing list.


What 'mean' means

I've been working for a couple of months now with Gerard de Melo at Lexvo.org. The first objective was to make an example of Linked Data both social and technical good practice. If you have published a set of URIs, and find out afterwards that another set for the same resources has better quality, and moreover you have not the bandwidth or resources to maintain your dataset, what should you do? The example at hand was to redirect the work I've been doing at lingvoj.org towards the data at Lexvo.org which are far more complete, and moreover integrated in a general approach which I found extremely interesting.
The neat result of this work so far is that URIs for languages at lingvoj.org are now redirecting seamlessly to matching lexvo.org URIs, see e.g., http://www.lingvoj.org/lang/fr.