From meaningless to ambiguous

A previous post looked at concepts as names species. Several threads about URI meaning and ambiguity later, including on www-tag@w3.org list this post from Karl Dubost, and with in mind again names and concepts as living things, here is yet another variation on morning, noon, and evening mountains.
Morning names, meaningless, useless
Names at noon, meaningful, useful
Evening names, abused, ambiguous
This basically is the life cycle of names from no use to use and eventually abuse. Use leads to meaning, then abuse leads to meaning overloading. This is the natural course of things. And since URIs are names, this is also the natural URI life cycle. So let us use what is meaningful while it is if we want meaning. Be prepared to ambiguity at the end of the day, but if evening ambiguous names have been abused, it does not mean they are useless.
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