Of Presidents and Ontologies

Beyond its sheer content interest - providing RDF description of the new(?) US President - this article is also a good introduction to Tag URIs in the following terms:

Under no circumstance should a Semantic Web application attempt to derive meaning from a URI string alone. Tag URIs have exactly one purpose: to allow us to quickly, consistently create unique identifiers that aren't intended to be de-referenced and without needing to register a URI scheme with anyone.
Tag URIs go in a direction opposite to PSIs, since they can't be de-referenced on the Web. So they are supposed to be sort of "self-explaining" identifiers.

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  1. It appears to me that Tag URIs (as an approach orthogonal to PSIs) try to provide more or less self-describing context(s) to subjects.

    However, those contexts could be more than mere text: They could be published subjects related with typed relationships to the subject. So those contexts are attributes that could help in the process of identification. This should be tied to concept theory in knowledge organization: concepts have defining characteristics which can be grouped into abstract categories.

    -- alex


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