Identity and Disambiguation in Wikipedia

Browsing around "Identity" article in Wikipedia, I discovered an interesting page called "Identity (disambiguation)" linking to different flavors of identity in different contexts, and itself an instance of the more generic category of page called "Disambiguation", explaining
the pragmatic solutions adopted by Wikipedians on this issue:
"Disambiguation in Wikipedia and Wikimedia is the process of resolving the conflict that occurs when articles about two or more different topics have the same natural title."

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  1. Googling myself shows me that there exist several "Jack Park" entities out there. Clearly, name-based merging has its faults. Lump a few conjuncts (properties) onto the search and the hit count narrows rapidly. I suppose I am making the case that there is great merit in the "subject identity properties" (SIP) of the emerging topic maps standard. Does the introduction of an SIP solve all the problems associated with subject identity?


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