Everything is a thing, everyone is many

So I'm now on Twitter, following a couple a people, hoping some interesting bits and pieces will float around to my shore. And well, some have. For example this interesting piece on Multiple Personas. What Silona writes there on the essential multiplicity of a person can certainly also apply to things and representations. We know more or less from inside our multiplicity and ambiguity, and the importance of keeping multiple personas revolve around our fundamental and essential emptiness. But we've lost most of the time the capacity to look at things the same way. As Jean Rousselot put it, we are not simple enough any more to "enter things as things can enter things"
Il faudrait pouvoir entrer sans frémir
Dans les choses
Comme les choses
Entrent dans les choses.
The poets are the ones able to enter things, experience their mutiplicity, and show how they appear to us as multiple personas.
We should look at the necessary convergence of the social and semantic web(s) with this paradigm of multiple personas in mind.

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