Managing Co-reference (Was: A Semantic Elephant?)

One more public thread on SW list on our favourite issue. But some interesting points to note in the current discussion, well summed up by Aldo Gangemi at mid-course.
  • We definitely need some property or mechanism, weaker than owl:sameAs, to assert that two URIs have similar referents.
  • The semiotic aspects of co-reference are more and more acknowledged, even by formal logic gurus.
Hopefully this thread will eventually have some follow-up on some standardization track.


  1. Anonymous19.5.08

    Yes, a wonderful topic being discussed, by the W#C folks. You may also enjoy the following thread on the ontolog forum where thing get a quite a bit deeper than RDF and OWL ...

    Also, you may enjoy my post from last month called "A New List of Categories"



  2. Anonymous19.5.08

    oops, forgot the link ...


    follow the discussion with Pat Hayes, John Sowa and Chris Menzel ...

    BTW - more to come on the discussion !


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