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Announced by Suellen on Topic Maps list. Wiki Home quote :
Elaine Svenonius in her book The Intellectual Foundations of Information Organization states that the purpose of information organization is "to bring essentially like information together and to differentiate what is not exactly alike".
Suellen has also established a Topic Maps Interest Group within LITA (Library & Information Technology Association). I hope she will take the time to comment a little more about it here.


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  2. Bernard,
    Thanks for posting this. There is a great deal of interest in Topic Maps in the Library community but not much yet being done with the technology. I hope that the Topic Maps in Libraries interest group in LITA will stimulate discussion and encourage "cross-pollination" between the Topic Mapping and Library communities. We have so much in common but sometimes we speak a different language. To wit, I have written an article for OCLC Systems & Services:Digital Libraries International called Reinventing the wheel: can librarians help?


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