New deliverables

The new version of Topic Maps Reference Model is definitely putting subject identification as the core common feature of Topic Maps Applications. It acknowledges in the informative Annex A:
The problem of "subject identity" has recently been recognized as more difficult than previously thought by proponents of the Semantic Web.
This Annex also mentions several interesting papers already mentioned here in various previous posts. Meanwhile, the SWBP RDFTM Task Force has delivered a rich Survey of Interoperability Proposals with a quite exhaustive presentation of the identity issue.

I've been playing lately with SWRL, wondering how it could be used to express subject identification rules. We have poked enough lately with the notions of context and protocol of identification to think about going from those qualitative general considerations to something more effective like a "Subject Identification Rule Language" able to capture complex rules of identification including declared or computed properties of subjects as well as context elements.